Papagoyo Bar & Grill

To satisfy the food photographer in everyone, Papagayo Bar & Grill serves a delightful variety of tropical fare from burgers and grilled options to fresh salads and now breakfast. With colorful décor inspired by the ocean, whimsical wooden lamp centerpieces, and an open-air wood-fired pizza oven, the stage is set for the perfect foodie photo shoot. Additionally, our service staff is more than happy to deliver cool, handcrafted cocktails to both of our main beaches, whenever your heart desires.

Every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Renaissance Island whisks away your taste buds and brings them to paradise. Featuring a private dinner set over a falling, fuchsia sun, you can happily enjoy all the flavors of our expertly crafted cuisine—but not before getting in a few food shots, of course.